I love you mom.

Tuesday night was... scary.
My body had never hurt as much as it did.

After a super-fun night with Zachary
I crawled into bed and..
my knees started screaming at me.
They were throbbing like crazy.
nothing i did would make the pain go away.

I couldn't sleep. or at least I did for a few minutes, but the pain woke me up.
I screamed for my mom! I was so scared. I was crying. I needed her.
She put ice on my knees and layed next to me in my bed until I almost fell asleep.
She prayed for the evil spirits to leave and told me to do the same.

Mamma comes to the rescue!
She is always there.
Always there to hold my hair back when I throw up.
Always there to hold my hand and tell me it will all be okay.
Always there to stand by me and love me forever and always.
Always there to be my mother.
I'm so happy I chose her.
She is so so strong. I don't know how she is still holding on.
What she's gone through, people only have nightmares about.
She reminds me constantly to..
be nice,
to look out for others,
to read my scriptures,
to always say my prayers,
to visit the needy,
and to keep the house clean.
Everyday I grow older, I see more easily the things she does for us, and others.
She will always put someone else before her.
She is the most unselfish person I know.
I'm so greatful for her example.
Mamma, I love you.. more.