Grateful heart.

Today as I was doing the dishes, (there were a lot of them..) I was a little bugged with the world. Thinking negative thoughts only does me harm, so I decided to change my attitude about a few things and start counting my blessings. I immediately felt better, it was incredible! I have the most amazing family. Our story is different to some, and similar to others. I am so grateful to my loving mother who does so much, and then some, for me. Her endless advice and our endless laughter together. My baby girl, Sara, who is so wonderful. I miss her daily. She has the biggest heart. My brother Joseph, who always made sure I was home in time for curfew. He stepped in, when my dad didn't. And to my dad who wants the best for his girl, and always brought home cheesecake from my favorite restaurant.. The Cheesecake Factory. I have been blessed with the most amazing, incredible, most caring, most beautiful, best friends. One day very soon, I shall tell you all about how great they are, in great detail. I love you gals more than life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything! I wouldn't be where I am today without you.

P.S. I'm almost the Birthday girl! Six days till I'm 19..! Crazy crazy.

P.P.S. Sometimes you just gotta let go.

la la la la life goes ON.