Happy Thanksgiving!

Oookayy! First of all, I want to sincerely apologize for my lack of blogging.
Has it really been almost 3 months? That's a shame. I'm sorry!
Here is a little recap of my last three months away....
I am currently attending Utah State University and am loving every minute of it.
Finals are coming up...! Crazy how time flies.
I have the greatest roommate I could have ever asked for.
And my best friends whom I love so much!
School is hard. Life is hard. Trials are hard.
But through everything I've been through, I've learned SOO MUCH!
It's incredible! I feel like a whole new me. I love my life!
I'm so grateful for school, family, friends, Heavenly Father and Jesus!

So today is a very special day! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
People and memories I am grateful for!.....

                      Love you ALL! miss you all too! Thanks for all the memories.