The true meaning of Christmas folks...
I am so grateful for my wonderful family.
Thank you for being amazing.

Thank you for raising me to be who I am today.
Thank you for all your sacrifices.
Thank you for staying up late hours to help me finish that book report I forgot to tell you about.
Thank you for teaching me to be a good person.
Thank you for being kind to EVERYONE and always putting others before yourself.
Thank you for not allowing fights between me and my siblings.
Thank you for staying strong, through all the pain you encountered.
Thank you for holding on, and not giving up, when many would have.
Thank you for being my best friend, the one I can tell all to.
Thank you for teaching me about Jesus, and our Heavenly Father, and this wonderful Gospel.
Thank you for bringing the Spirit into my life.
I love you mother.

Thank you for being born. Seriously.
Ladies and Gents, my mother was not supposed to have another Child, but God thought different.
Thank you Heavenly Father for sending her into my life.
Thank you for being the best friend anyone could ask for.
Thank you for not being judgemental.
Thank you for being so caring, and loving.
Thank you for the endless hair do's and face make up for several dances.
(WHICH she is so amazing at)
Thank you for telling me how it is.
Thank you for sticking with me through it all. We did it sista!
I love you best friend.

Thank you for always looking out for me.
Thank you for always calling me to get home, so I wouldn't break curfew.
Thank you for all the rides you've given me, since you got your license.
Thank you for your courage, and strength.
Thank you for wanting things to be different.
Thank you for not giving up.
Thank you for being the greatest big brother.
Thank you for being the "Father figure".
Thank you for caring, when he wouldn't.
Thank you for telling us, "It sucks, but we can get through this."
I love you brother.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends.
One day I shall go into detail and tell you just how wonderful they are.
Words cannot desribe how grateful I am for ALL of you.
You've changed my life for the better, and I hope i've done the same in return.

Thank you Heavenly Father for everything you've given me.
Thank you Jesus, for saving us ALL.
Thank you for your perfect example, the one we should all live by and follow.
Thank you for your loving arms and guidence.
Thank you for being patient and forgiving.
Thank you for not giving up on me.
Thank you for blessing me with your Spirit.
Thank you for the truth.
Thank you for showing me the true spirit of Christmas.

Thank you for taking my hand.


Unexpected miracles.

Holy HANNAH! Did this just happen to me?
Don't worry, It's a great thing :)
Once upon a time, I was very hurt from a specific someone.
It hurt bad. bad. bad. (I won't go into detail)
But I believe people can change. and this is a total testimony of it.
Please don't ever give up on someone.
Have faith and hope that someday things will change.
It will all work out, I promise dear friends.
I got an apology letter. It was so heartfelt, I couldn't believe it.
I started crying! It was so amazing.
I was so touched. I AM BLESSED. I am.