Happy Thanksgiving!

Oookayy! First of all, I want to sincerely apologize for my lack of blogging.
Has it really been almost 3 months? That's a shame. I'm sorry!
Here is a little recap of my last three months away....
I am currently attending Utah State University and am loving every minute of it.
Finals are coming up...! Crazy how time flies.
I have the greatest roommate I could have ever asked for.
And my best friends whom I love so much!
School is hard. Life is hard. Trials are hard.
But through everything I've been through, I've learned SOO MUCH!
It's incredible! I feel like a whole new me. I love my life!
I'm so grateful for school, family, friends, Heavenly Father and Jesus!

So today is a very special day! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
People and memories I am grateful for!.....

                      Love you ALL! miss you all too! Thanks for all the memories.


Homeward Bound.

Guess what?? I survived my first week of college!
I loved it. It's been so good!
I love walking right out of my dorm and going straight to class.
There's just something about it.. anywho! It's been crazy and busy.
To cut this long story short... I'm home for the weekend!
The main reason I came home actually is because I haven't been feeling so good.
I'm going to the Doctor in a few minutes to get more blood tests.
I promise I eat healthy!
I'm the only one snacking on veggies when my roomies are eating ice cream.
Time to find out what's up with meee! I'm sick of having no energy.
Light-headed-ness, I'm about to kiss you goodbye.
(Or so I hope)



Helllllo there! Saturday is here and I'm happy :)
My mommy is coming to spend the day with me and I can't wait!
There's still some last minute items I've got to get before I start school on Monday.
School, Monday? I know right. I am excited! It will be good to start up again.

Got all my books! Finally.
Total cost: $367.50
And yes, that is only 4 books.

Oh and good news! I GOT THE JOB!!!! :)
I'm an office assistant at the Psychology office.
I start Monday after class.

Life is good! love you all!


La la la.. LOGAN!

I love Logan. I love everything about it. I'm so happy I came here! Seriously everything is so beautiful and wonderful and I just can't wait for everything to come. (okay, yes I can wait) But really. Don't worry about me guys, I'm definitely meant to be here.

My roommate is the greatest! During the summer I was stressing a little bit about it. Would she be a party animal and stay up all the night? A lot of questions had been running through my mind. About a week ago, I felt that she was going to be amazing and we would get along really well. We totally do! I already love her. I'm so happy!

Pictures up soon of my new room :)


Is this real life?

Hey guys! I thought I should post since I haven't in a while. Also, I needed a break from packing! Packing is seriously so draining. I feel it will never end. But anywho, here is my progress so far! (It's pretty much done)


I can't believe all that stuff is mine/will fit in my dorm. Crazy! It's really happening. I'm leaving Saturday bright and early! Stay tuned to hear all about my adventures :) love you all! Thanks for everything.



I've got some NEWS!

So I've been applying for some on-campus jobs and its pretty stressful. It's weird starting from square one again.. but it's a good thing! I needed to update my resume anyway. I had an interview last week and I felt it went pretty well! But, I didn't get the job. Don't worry, I wasn't too discouraged. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. I've applied for 3 more jobs but one job in particular that I REALLY want just got back to me!! Yay! I got a phone call this morning and she wants to interview me right when I get up there. It's at the Student Health and Wellness center, kind of like an on-campus doctor's office. Neat huh? I would be at the front desk, helping people get checked in. But I'm happy because that's right where I want to be! I'm so excited. I hope I get it! Cross your fingers.

It's official. I PASSED MY CNA TESTS! I'm officially a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Everything will work out for the better :)


In between.

I'm sick of fake. I know this is too much to ask... but can't we all just be nice?
It stings to know that some people that you care most about, treat you like crap.


Oh well. I guess this is how we can tell who our true friends are.

13 days folks! Crazy. This "in-between stage" is so hard.
I'm scared.
not ready.

I can do this. I'm doing it! Life is really happening.


Moving is stressful.

Time is slipping away by the minute.. can you feel it?
I'm moving to Logan in 17 days! Can you believe it?

I know it's crazy. In a way I wish there was more time, there's just so much more I need to do, need to see, people to hang out with before I peace out. But it's time. I am ready. Well ready or not, here I come! I'm almost done getting all my dorm stuff. It stresses me out. Did you know Moving is highest in stress only next to death and divorce? It's true. Some moments I want August 20th to come so badly. I'm just excited for new things to come! I think it's good I'm getting out of Provo/Orem. I'm ready to see a different place and new experiences.

Oh p.s. I've got a job interview tomorrow via skype! It's for an office assistant job in the Special Ed. department at the University. Cross your fingers! Any prayers are welcome as well :)

I'm officially done at Farr's Fresh. It has never felt so good! I'm so glad my mom told me not to work up to the day I leave. Even though it's only been a few days, I've been so busy and have had so much to do. It's definitely a blessing in disguise. Mothers know best after all.

Last Friday we took our CNA tests! It went pretty well.. cross your fingers again! We'll find out the results next week. Have a good night! :)


California, you were good to me.

Dear Bloggers,
It's been a while, forgive me? Get ready for a recap of the last couple of weeks! Two weeks ago I went to California with Ray, Ames, and Savannah girl. We stayed at my grandma's in Laguna Niguel. It was so much fun! It was so nice to get away from Provo for the time being. The weather was incredible. Warm with a nice ocean breeze. Sounds like heaven right? It was. Ready to hear a neat experience?

On Saturday morning, we had planned to go to the Newport Beach Temple do to baptisms. They told us to come in anytime before 8:30. So my Alarm goes, I turn it off, and fall back asleep. Typical haha. So we are rushing to get there on time and I call the temple and ask them to please let us in, that we're almost there and the temple worker turns us away. I explained that we were from Provo but it wasn't good enough. We were 8 minutes late. Bummer. So my mom calls to see how it went and I told her the story, (my mom, having worked in the temple before thought that it was wrong). She called the temple, and told the Matron what happend and she was very upset when she heard we were turned away. The next day, in the Saddleback Singles Ward, we hear news that the Temple is now open till 9:30! Isn't that great?? The phone call my mother made was meant to be. Anywho, we go back to the temple on tuesday right before heading home and it was amazing! We got to talk to the Matron afterwards and she was so friendly! It was such a great experience. God works in mysterious ways.

After we got home, I've mainly just been working. Speaking of which, I'm almost done! My last day is July 30th. Crazy. But I really am excited. I want to be able to spend more time with friends and family before I go/get more things for college/pack. You know what I'm saying? :)
Thanks girls! So much fun :)


You've been on my mind

This week I survived 5 days of work! I worked 5 out of 6 days we are open. (well technically it was 4.5 shifts, not 5, but I was working for 5 days so I for sure counted it). Forgive me if I seem to be complaining. It's not that I don't like work, I just feel like I work so much. Goodbye summer? June's already gone! crazy. Maybe I've just been there too long and need something new to see? I've only got about 5 weeks left, I'll  hang in there :) and besides, my co-workers are so great! I would not be able to endure those long days and nights without them. So to you I say THANK YOU! :)

I secretly wish there was more time. I feel that every thing is slipping out of my grip too fast. I move out in 7 weeks. SEVEN WEEKS. That's crazy folks. There's so much I need to do! There's so many things I want to do before I leave. Summer, please don't go so fast. I love you and want to enjoy you!

On a better note...4 days till CALIFORNIA! Oh heavens I can't wait. It will be so nice to get away. I've been dying for a vacation. Beach here we come! I can't wait to live in my swim suit for 4 days straight. yeahhh!

My dear friend Emily is teaching me how to budget! I'm so excited! I hope I can get it down good and be good at budgeting. Because let's be honest...Where does that money go?

Do you love Sundays as much as I do? They're so amazing. The Gospel is true! I'm loving my new ward. The Bishop is pretty great and so are the youth. "Fear God more than man." and, "Change is possible to anyone if you do it with Faith." Heavenly Father answer our prayers! He cares so much for us, it's incredible. Don't give up! He's always there for us. I'm so grateful for my Savior. What a perfect example. Thank YOU.

Happy 4th of July errrybody!


Life lately.

And I'll fall on my knees
Tell me hows the way to go
Tell me hows the way to see
Show me all that i could be

Danger will follow me everywhere i go
Angels will call on me and take me to my home
Well this tired mind just wants to be lead home

-Everywhere I go by Lissie
I really really love this song. Check it out!

Well it's been a while dear friends! Lemme tell you what's new with me. I am now officially done with my CNA class! It feels so good to be done. Now I just have two tests left and then I'm certified! HOLLA! I've had 4-eight hour shifts of clinicals. My first day at the Nursing Home was great! I loved my CNA and I learned a lot. It was really neat to bond with the elderly. I just think they're so great! It was hard though knowing they hated it there. They just want to be able to take care of themselves, even though they can't. My second day was a little different, I didn't like it as much. First of all, in Nursing homes the nurses do nothing. Okay well NOT nothing. They just give medicine. The CNA's run the place. The Nurse on my second shift was a grouch. No fun I tell you! Get a new job lady. It's like teachers, if you hate kids, why teach? If you hate sick people, why be a Nurse? Oh well, hope she's not always like that. It's been super stressful and time consuming but I'm almost done! And let me tell you, I can't wait! It's been a good experience but I'm ready ya know?

Back to work! I never thought I would say this, but I was actually excited to go back to work. It had been a while. Ever craving some ice cream?? Come to Farr's! I will most likely be there. I love visitors.

I love Missionaries. Aren't they the greatest? It's just so amazing to know them before, and how much they grow, and how much their testimonies are strengthened. It's AMAZING. Thank you to all the young men out there serving, have served, or are about to serve. You are truly examples to us all. The the Lord loves you so much. Thank YOU.

The countdown begins! 11 days till california!! I'm too excited! It will be so nice to get away. Especially with my best friends! woot woot!  I'm dying for a vacation. I'm so burned out! It will be so good :)


Airplanes in the night skyyy :)

You know what I love?

Airplanes. I want to travel the world! I really do. The reason I bring this up is because the CNA class I'm taking is pretty darn close to Salt Lake International Airport. Every time I look in the sky I see a new airplane. "Take me with you!" I wish I could get away and see something new. I really do. There's so much more to see in the world! Someday :)

My CNA class is great! There's so much to learn, so much to do. Let me tell you a little run down of my week. I have had class every night from 5-10. But the class is in West Jordan, so basically with the drive and everything I am gone from 3:30-11pm. Long days eh? But it's alright! I'm basically half way there! I am so grateful my sister is doing it with me. I honestly don't think I could of done it without her! We help each other study and practice. It's so great. We've seen some pretty intense stuff lemme tell ya. Well actually I won't tell you in case you don't have the stomach for it. But it's been pretty interesting. We've been learning vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, temperature, etc, etc.This next week is going to be more crazy than the last but bring it on! I'm excited to be done. I'm excited to be able to work in Hospitals.

Also, my favorite thing to do on our way home on the freeway is to look for the 3 temples in that valley! It's so neat to see the Oquirr, Jordan River, and Draper temple all at the same time. I love it. They're so beautiful!


A day of firsts!

Yesterday, was my *First* day in Relief Society.
And not in my home ward with my mamma, but in the Single's Ward.
Weird? You betcha. Super different? Yes ma'am/sir.
It will be good, I'm excited! But I will miss my home ward.
(I'm invited to go to my home ward, but as soon as I'm there they politely tell me to leave and go to the singles ward). Great. So goodbye Young Womens! It's been real. Thank you to ALL my leaders. You each are so amazing. I'll never forget your sweet spirits and testimonies.

Sooo Tonight I'm starting my CNA course! Have I told you about this? Basically for the next 2-3 weeks my nights are booked with class and clinicals. I'm excited! I'm nervous. I'm content. My lovely sister is doing it with me, thank heavens! For the past 2-3 years of driving experience I've been blessed to drive an automatic truck. Well my truck is going bye bye and we got a more inexpensive car for my seester. And guess what? Its stick shift. Do I know how to drive a stick shift? nope. But fear not! I am learning.. by my sister? Yes my 16 year-old-sister is teaching me how to drive stick shift. She's so rad. But anywho point of this car talk is that I need to learn so she doesn't have to drive to and fro every night for many nights ahead to class. Be patient with me young grasshopper, I'll get it soon enough. :)


Cleaning can be exhausting.

Today, I cleaned my room. No, its not what you're thinking.. the ordinary daily/weekly touch ups of picking up clothes or sorting a few things.. I cleaned my ENTIRE room! I washed my sheets, vacuumed, and everything! I honestly had been putting it off for ages and even days after graduation. But it felt so good when I finished! I even have pictures to show for it.

Well as for work tonight, I was going through the steps of closing and was fully ready to count the till at 10:31pm (We close at 10:30, or so I thought). My boss calls me right away and informs me that we've been closing at 11 every night since May 7th. WHAAA? He never told me that. I heard that rumor, but I refused to believe it because the other supervisors always closed at 10:30 too! Gahhh. Good thing I don't have school in the morning or I would be more bitter than I am.

I just got Adelle's new CD. Sooo amazing! I love her voice.

Oh and Happy Birthday AMES! love you sweet girl. I thought these pictures were cutee.

Happy 18th Girl! 
(Don't mind my rained on pants)