Cleaning can be exhausting.

Today, I cleaned my room. No, its not what you're thinking.. the ordinary daily/weekly touch ups of picking up clothes or sorting a few things.. I cleaned my ENTIRE room! I washed my sheets, vacuumed, and everything! I honestly had been putting it off for ages and even days after graduation. But it felt so good when I finished! I even have pictures to show for it.

Well as for work tonight, I was going through the steps of closing and was fully ready to count the till at 10:31pm (We close at 10:30, or so I thought). My boss calls me right away and informs me that we've been closing at 11 every night since May 7th. WHAAA? He never told me that. I heard that rumor, but I refused to believe it because the other supervisors always closed at 10:30 too! Gahhh. Good thing I don't have school in the morning or I would be more bitter than I am.

I just got Adelle's new CD. Sooo amazing! I love her voice.

Oh and Happy Birthday AMES! love you sweet girl. I thought these pictures were cutee.

Happy 18th Girl! 
(Don't mind my rained on pants)



3 days ago, I graduated High School.
It felt soooo good! (Oh, be sorry if you missed it, it was the BEST!)

Here are a few pictures of the amazing day.

I love you guys! Thanks for all the memories :)

Senior Ball! (sorry I'm a little late)

Senior Ball was so much fun!
My date (Cameron Kapp) was such a gentleman.
I honestly couldn't have asked for a better date.
He ALWAYS opened my door, and escorted me wherever we walked.
Even when we were both so tired at the end of the night, it was a blast!
Here is a little run through of our day!
He picked me up around 8:45AM.
For our day date we had an amazing race.
I've never done that before so I was thrilled!
After running through a graveyard, jumping into a swimming pool, throwing a football back and forth in the bowl, mummy-fying Eve, bowling 2 strikes, (which both me and Cameron made! go us!)  Almost dying in a car crash (It's okay, I'm still alive), we came in 5th place. But don't worry, we were PUMPED because we weren't last! So much adrenaline. I hadn't ran so much in a long time, Cameron had to give me a few piggy-back rides. (Again, what a sweetie).

After hours of preparation (Nails, hair, make-up, pick up bootineer, etc..) He picked me up around 5. We went to the Covey grandparents for pictures and off to Sleepy Ridge! Dinner was so goood. I'm not entirely so sure it was THAT good, of if I was just very hungry. But either way I loved it! After dinner, we decided to go for a walk. Me in 4 inch heels are thinking we were just going for a short walk.. well I was mistaken! We walked around the WHOLE Sleepy Ridge. Poor decision on my part. I received blisters on both my feet, and couldn't really walk the rest of the night. (Don't ask how I danced...) We danced the night away, and I even twirled in my dress!

Afterwards we went to the Covey's and had a bonfire, food, and movie! It was so fun to hang out with everyone (Mind, we did have 44 people in my group). We decided to leave before the movie because we were both so exhausted. (Yes, I fell asleep..surprised?) He took me home, walked me to my door, and exchanged our thank yous and said goodnight.
Thank you Cam! And thank you Jessica Owen for letting me borrow the most BEAUTIFUL dress.


The Final Chapter.

Wellllll, of my first book of course. I graduate in 2 DAYS!
WHAAAA? So crazy I know. But good.
I guess you can say May is a month of tears.
Last Concert. Bawled.
Senior Night with the ward. definite tears.
Senior Graduation Talk in church. How could they not come?
Talking to Mr. Larson. Automatic tears. They..just..came.
Well now it sounds like I'm a big cry baby! Hah I totally am.
But even though these are hard things.. I will be okay.

I'm not one to say I'm going to miss High School, cause I probably won't.
What I will miss is my dear friends and singing in choir.
High School was pretty rough for me, but I'm grateful for my experiences.
I'm excited to see what comes next! I'm excited for the next book!
I love you all. Thanks for the fun times, great memories, and unforgettable laughs.

Pictures up soon! :)


From shopping to the ER to wendy's.

Hello!! Well goodness I've been through lots this week..
Lemme tell you my story.. It began on Monday night.
For those of you who don't know me, I've always struggled with my tummy.
It hurts, a lot. I'm Anemic, annnd Hypoglacemic.
And I have a faster metabolism than anyone you'll know.
If I don't eat every 1.5 hours, I'll be sick for 2-3 days.
Moral of this story, I know a tummy ache when I have one.

So on Monday evening, my stomach started hurting where it never hurt before
On the right side of my belly button, slowly starting to moving down.
The pain never stayed for TOO long, but it always came in a sharp *PANG*
Tuesday.. the pain became more constant. It hurt way more.
Wednesday.. missed school.. I'm starting to think this is serious.
Thursday. The pain was definitely there...
I had this super fun girls date planned with Estella and Emily!
We went up to Park City and saw some way cute clothes.
Towards the end of our journey my pain was worse than ever.
(Emily and Estella... I am SOO SORRY! I wish I didn't cut our date short. I love you girls so much! I miss you already. Thank you for an amazing time! It was seriously just what I needed).
When I hopped in my mom's car, we ran to the nearest clinic.
They poked me 4 TIMES. Now normally, it wouldn't be a big deal to an ordinary person.
You see, I am TERRIFIED of shots. It's embarrasing that I still bawl my eyes out.
Good thing my mom will still hold my hand and get me through it! Love her so much.

We were do to the Hospital to get a cat scan but we took a detour to my Home teachers.
He gave both my mom and I a blessing and I felt better already!
I honestly believe his blessing saved me from surgery.
We were in the ER for about 4 hours.
Cat scan...clear. Well good thing no bad appendix!
Ultrasound...not clear. Here we go!
They found ruptured cysts on my ovaries (Sorry Boys!)
So painful! my goodness. I'm still in pain.

Before heading home, we made a quick stop at Wendy's.
(Mind you, I hadn't eaten in 7 hours, drank in 5)
A Junior Bacon Cheeseburger has NEVER tasted better!
Seriously so good! It was de-lish!

Now I'm good! :) wellllll, healing..
Thank you for your prayers! I'm so grateful for the Priesthood.
The Gospel is true. I believe in Miracles with all my heart.
Thank you Heavenly Father. Thank you Mother! Thank you friends!
I love you so much.


The Latest.

Hello dear friends! I'm sorry it's taken me some time to blog.
I owe you all a big hoppin apology. So to make up for my lack thereof...
Get ready for a novel.

First of all so many new things have happend since my last post!
On Thursday (two days away) will be the three week mark till Graduation..
Call it crazy. Which of course it is! Time sure flies.. it's unbelieveable.
But although it's weird and crazy, it's so exciting!
Everyday at Timpview, I realize I won't see the same teachers or classrooms ever again.
(Okay I may come visit Mr. Larson but its basically truth)
Which brings me to another subject! Mr. Larson. Oh how I'll miss Choir.
Our last concert is next week and it really does make me very sad.
He is such an amazing teacher, conductor, and friend.
I'm so grateful to him, (for many reasons..)
but especially for allowing me into Madrigals and A Cappella.
It was the only things keeping me at Timpview High.
It kept me from Senioritis! So amongst many thank you's, I'm especially grateful for that.

Work is busy as ever.
Crazy. Good. Great. Tiring. Stressful.
You try working past 11pm three nights a week and expect to make it
To your 7:30am Chemistry class. It's harder than it sounds.
But let's not dwell on the negative here. I'm grateful I have a job!
But even more than that.. I'm so grateful for my Co-Workers!
I honestly couldn't survive the nights without them.
They're so much fun! Thank you! :)

For the first 2 weeks of June, my sister and I are taking a CNA course!
Class every single night for 6 hours. ROUGH. But it's all good.
I'm so excited to do this with her! Good old bonding.
I'm taking those two weeks off from Farr's to do this.
But I'm SO excited! I really am.
Did you know I want to become a Nurse?
Well this is just the beginning to get a feel for it to see if it's really what I want to do.
(CNA = Certified Nursing Assistant)

Roller Blading. SO. MUCH. FUN.
I just love it. simply just that.
It's so relaxing. It may just be my new favorite thing.
If you want to join me, please give me a call! :)

I'm having some weird pains in between my tummy button and hip bone.
I asked my Mamma (She's the smart Nurse here) and told me that's where my appendix lies.
Uh ohhhhh. Please no! I can't afford appendicitis so close to graduation!
Please oh please. Stay healthy body of mine! Pray for me.

Here's a picture because I believe every post is a little boring without one! Me and Kaipo at the Festival of Colors. It was prett crazy lemme tell ya. LOVE you ALL. Sleep well folks.