Helllllo there! Saturday is here and I'm happy :)
My mommy is coming to spend the day with me and I can't wait!
There's still some last minute items I've got to get before I start school on Monday.
School, Monday? I know right. I am excited! It will be good to start up again.

Got all my books! Finally.
Total cost: $367.50
And yes, that is only 4 books.

Oh and good news! I GOT THE JOB!!!! :)
I'm an office assistant at the Psychology office.
I start Monday after class.

Life is good! love you all!


La la la.. LOGAN!

I love Logan. I love everything about it. I'm so happy I came here! Seriously everything is so beautiful and wonderful and I just can't wait for everything to come. (okay, yes I can wait) But really. Don't worry about me guys, I'm definitely meant to be here.

My roommate is the greatest! During the summer I was stressing a little bit about it. Would she be a party animal and stay up all the night? A lot of questions had been running through my mind. About a week ago, I felt that she was going to be amazing and we would get along really well. We totally do! I already love her. I'm so happy!

Pictures up soon of my new room :)


Is this real life?

Hey guys! I thought I should post since I haven't in a while. Also, I needed a break from packing! Packing is seriously so draining. I feel it will never end. But anywho, here is my progress so far! (It's pretty much done)


I can't believe all that stuff is mine/will fit in my dorm. Crazy! It's really happening. I'm leaving Saturday bright and early! Stay tuned to hear all about my adventures :) love you all! Thanks for everything.



I've got some NEWS!

So I've been applying for some on-campus jobs and its pretty stressful. It's weird starting from square one again.. but it's a good thing! I needed to update my resume anyway. I had an interview last week and I felt it went pretty well! But, I didn't get the job. Don't worry, I wasn't too discouraged. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. I've applied for 3 more jobs but one job in particular that I REALLY want just got back to me!! Yay! I got a phone call this morning and she wants to interview me right when I get up there. It's at the Student Health and Wellness center, kind of like an on-campus doctor's office. Neat huh? I would be at the front desk, helping people get checked in. But I'm happy because that's right where I want to be! I'm so excited. I hope I get it! Cross your fingers.

It's official. I PASSED MY CNA TESTS! I'm officially a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Everything will work out for the better :)


In between.

I'm sick of fake. I know this is too much to ask... but can't we all just be nice?
It stings to know that some people that you care most about, treat you like crap.


Oh well. I guess this is how we can tell who our true friends are.

13 days folks! Crazy. This "in-between stage" is so hard.
I'm scared.
not ready.

I can do this. I'm doing it! Life is really happening.


Moving is stressful.

Time is slipping away by the minute.. can you feel it?
I'm moving to Logan in 17 days! Can you believe it?

I know it's crazy. In a way I wish there was more time, there's just so much more I need to do, need to see, people to hang out with before I peace out. But it's time. I am ready. Well ready or not, here I come! I'm almost done getting all my dorm stuff. It stresses me out. Did you know Moving is highest in stress only next to death and divorce? It's true. Some moments I want August 20th to come so badly. I'm just excited for new things to come! I think it's good I'm getting out of Provo/Orem. I'm ready to see a different place and new experiences.

Oh p.s. I've got a job interview tomorrow via skype! It's for an office assistant job in the Special Ed. department at the University. Cross your fingers! Any prayers are welcome as well :)

I'm officially done at Farr's Fresh. It has never felt so good! I'm so glad my mom told me not to work up to the day I leave. Even though it's only been a few days, I've been so busy and have had so much to do. It's definitely a blessing in disguise. Mothers know best after all.

Last Friday we took our CNA tests! It went pretty well.. cross your fingers again! We'll find out the results next week. Have a good night! :)