I can do hard things.

I SURVIVED! End of Semester one. woooo! Half way done with senior year.
(two meltdowns, too much homework, and little or no sleep for two whole weeks)
Not to mention reahersals! Everyday. oh and work.
But I did it! I am so happy! Life has been good to me.

Dona Nobis Pacem.

You've been my life for two whole weeks.
Thank you so much for an amazing experience!
Seriously. It was so worth it.
I will still catch myself singing your music.

I got my Young Womanhood Recognition!
It was such a great experience.
It feels so good to wear the beautiful necklace.
I did it! Woooooo!
I'm so blessed. Thank you.

Scottie's farewell! You did so wonderful :) you will help so many!
I'm so proud of you dear friend. Thank you for your smile.

I love seeing old friends! You are all so amazing!
I love every single one of you. and I miss you so so much!
Thank you for the memories. Thank you for your examples.
Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for your love.

Abby's farewell!
I'm so sad you're leaving me. But I'm so so thrilled for you!
You will have so much fun in Australia. Date cute boys for me!
Haha love you so much girl! Miss you already...


Happy 18th Bryn dear!

Brynmor Patricia Larsen. B.La. Bryn Larsen. Bryn Lars.
my home girl! g-friend. BFF. Cafe rio twin lovers, etc, etc.
HAPPY 18TH MY DEAR! goodness. that's kinda old ;)
here are just a few things I love about her..
1. She is funny! She's so great at making me laugh. She always finds a way to put a smile on my face!
2. She is PRO at abriviating words. Second to Aus Brocks himself. She always finds a new word to fix.
3. She has great leadership qualities and handles stress (I would say..) very well.
4. She sings lovely! I love her voice.
5. She is a great friend! She loves to be with others and loves to party on.
6. She's caring and sweet and great at making cookies :)
7. She's such a BEAUTY! seriously, gorgeous girl right here.
8. She's a fashion-ista! (If i may say that..) she has the greatest style and can make any outfit look good.
9. She's strong. (Getting surgery and performing in a concert the same day is strength I say!) But really she's so great.
10. and... I just love her!

Happy Birthday Bryn! Thank you for being my amazing and genuine friend :)


New year! More memories.

In Twenty-Ten...
  • I fell in love
  • Had my first "real" relationship for 6 months
  • Turned seventeeeeen
  • Got a job! (which I still have, and love)
  • Went to Prom (soo fun! Stuart, you're the best)
  • Got surgery on my wrist
  • Had my heart-broken
  • Sent off my best friend Gabriel
  • Got an apology I never thought I'd get
  • Applied for College (ahhh!)
  • Made madrigals! (I love to sing...)
  • Did baptisms in the SLC Temple!
  • Counted down the new year with all my amazing friends
2010.. you've been good to me.

I'm so ready for this new year!
This year I turn 18. yikes!
This year I graduate High School and start College.
This year I move out.
This year will be amazing.
This year, a start a new book, for I'm at the final chapter of my first one.
I'm ready. Bring it!