New year! More memories.

In Twenty-Ten...
  • I fell in love
  • Had my first "real" relationship for 6 months
  • Turned seventeeeeen
  • Got a job! (which I still have, and love)
  • Went to Prom (soo fun! Stuart, you're the best)
  • Got surgery on my wrist
  • Had my heart-broken
  • Sent off my best friend Gabriel
  • Got an apology I never thought I'd get
  • Applied for College (ahhh!)
  • Made madrigals! (I love to sing...)
  • Did baptisms in the SLC Temple!
  • Counted down the new year with all my amazing friends
2010.. you've been good to me.

I'm so ready for this new year!
This year I turn 18. yikes!
This year I graduate High School and start College.
This year I move out.
This year will be amazing.
This year, a start a new book, for I'm at the final chapter of my first one.
I'm ready. Bring it!

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