No comprende?

Confession #1-
I'm an over-analyzer. BIG TIME. I take everything everyone says literally. So if you happen to be a sarcastic person, chances are, 85% of the time I think you're being serious. Call me a dumb blonde, or whateerrr. I like honest, straight-forward conversations. BUT, if you are a sarcastic person, (aka, the whole world) I don't have a problem with you at all, I just probably won't understand you at first. :)

HAPPY SPRING BREAK! (for those of you who are on one..)
How am I celebrating? I actually just went home for the week!
It's been really nice. Nice not to do anything... crap. I should probably start my homework...
Haha. I'll get to it later :)

Tomorrow I'm off to Kanosh with Eden! Super pumped for some good ole' bonding with my home girl.

Life is so good. :)


Grateful heart.

Today as I was doing the dishes, (there were a lot of them..) I was a little bugged with the world. Thinking negative thoughts only does me harm, so I decided to change my attitude about a few things and start counting my blessings. I immediately felt better, it was incredible! I have the most amazing family. Our story is different to some, and similar to others. I am so grateful to my loving mother who does so much, and then some, for me. Her endless advice and our endless laughter together. My baby girl, Sara, who is so wonderful. I miss her daily. She has the biggest heart. My brother Joseph, who always made sure I was home in time for curfew. He stepped in, when my dad didn't. And to my dad who wants the best for his girl, and always brought home cheesecake from my favorite restaurant.. The Cheesecake Factory. I have been blessed with the most amazing, incredible, most caring, most beautiful, best friends. One day very soon, I shall tell you all about how great they are, in great detail. I love you gals more than life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything! I wouldn't be where I am today without you.

P.S. I'm almost the Birthday girl! Six days till I'm 19..! Crazy crazy.

P.P.S. Sometimes you just gotta let go.

la la la la life goes ON.


Being sick: My excuse to watch a bunch of movies and not feel guilty about it.

Every time I get sick, there's always a reason why.
There's always something for me to learn, experience and to grow.
Life ain't easy, that's for sure.
But we've got to stay strong!
"Trials bring us to our knees."-Chelsey Nicole
Best thing she's ever told me.
We cannot do this on our own.
Through sickness and trial I have come to know more than ever,
that we need our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
Trials come so we can grow closer to the Lord!
It all makes better sense now.
Every time I get sick, it's all for my benefit.
We may feel weak in the moment, but afterwards we become stronger!
Thank Heavens for modern medicine/doctors/nurses/education.

"Fear not, I am with thee, oh be not dismayed,
For I am thy God, and will still give thee aid.
I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,
Upheld by my righteous omnipotent hand."

He'll never leave us. He loves us so much!
Hang in there folks with these prone to sickness wintery months.
Priesthood blessings are amazing. Don't hesitate to ask.
Miracles, I call them.
With God, nothing is impossible.


I've got a date with my textbook.

Yes, I already failed at my New Year's resolution to blog once-a-week.
But here I am! At least it's still January :)
What happened? School.
I've actually got a date with my Chemistry book in a minute..

I've forbidden myself to go on facebook and pinterest for ONE WEEK.
I'm already struggling.. who knew something could be so addicting?
Anywho, I've decided to devote my "wasting time" to study time.
Wish me luck! I haven't really started studying yet.. but now I'm off!
Straight A's here I come!


One day, I will travel the world.

I absolutely LOVE seeing new places.
I wish one day to see the whole wide world.
But for now, these are my current destinations.
(Hopefully, to be achieved this coming summer...)

The Redwood Forest, Northern California. 
I've been to California countless times, even lived there for 5 years!
But I've never been up North.. This hasn't been my dream till just recently,
But I want to go their with all my heart.

Knoxville, Tennessee
My sweet roommate is from Knoxville, and over the summer,
I know I'm going to miss her so much. 
For one, I'll get to visit her, and for two, I'll see a new place, I've never seen before! 
I really hope I can visit. 

Newport Beach/Fountain Valley, California 
My dear friend Emily and her fiance' Blake
 Are getting married May 26th in the Newport Beach Temple!
I'm so excited and happy for them. Anywho, I really, really want to go!

I hope I can go visit these places over the summer.. that would be a dream come true!


New Years Resolutions.. yeah baby!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had an amazing 2011 like I did.
Seriously.. BEST.YEAR.YET. So much has happened in a year it's crazy!
For all of you who make New Years Resolutions every year, I am not with you.
I have actually never done it before. So this is a year of firsts I guess!
Here are mine....

1. Pray everyday. (especially morning AND night)
2. Read some kind of church doctrine everyday. (scriptures, gen. conference talks, gospel books)
3. Visit teach every month.
4. Meet two new friends a month.
5. Exercise twice a week. (At least!)
6. Stay at healthy weight.
7. Call Rachel once-a-week. (love you Ray bay!)
8. Call Sara once-a-week (love you baby girl!)
9. Say I love you three times a day.
10. Say please & thank you :)
11. Get good grades! (A, A-,B+)
12. Write in Journal everyday.
13. Blog once-a-week.

Pretty good huh? I'm happy. I'm excited for the new year and what's to come!
So much more to experience, learn and grow! 2012....
Bring it.