No comprende?

Confession #1-
I'm an over-analyzer. BIG TIME. I take everything everyone says literally. So if you happen to be a sarcastic person, chances are, 85% of the time I think you're being serious. Call me a dumb blonde, or whateerrr. I like honest, straight-forward conversations. BUT, if you are a sarcastic person, (aka, the whole world) I don't have a problem with you at all, I just probably won't understand you at first. :)

HAPPY SPRING BREAK! (for those of you who are on one..)
How am I celebrating? I actually just went home for the week!
It's been really nice. Nice not to do anything... crap. I should probably start my homework...
Haha. I'll get to it later :)

Tomorrow I'm off to Kanosh with Eden! Super pumped for some good ole' bonding with my home girl.

Life is so good. :)

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