and football season begins!

On Friday was the first football game of the season against PG! we won! such a bonus. It was a new and weird experience for me because I've ALWAYS been a cheerleader and this year I'm not. (Due to injuries, etc.) I've been on the other side, but now I'm part of the crowd and its great! It was a lot of fun! I'm so excited for the upcoming games and the Homecoming Game and school in general! I think it will do me really good to get back to learning and being with my friends. I'm ready for a new start. Senior year will be great :)



Doggie Sit

This week from this Wednesday to today I doggie sat for the Evans! They are such a great family and I didn't mind at all. The dog Ricco is so friendly! It was hard because I worked everyday that I watched him. So it was a double whammy! But I survived! He had a little accident and I was pretty bummed because I tried my best to take him out as often as I could. I was gone two-and-a-half hours and he went in the living room...darn. I hope they don't get bugged with me. Every morning he would wake me up at six for me to take him out and feed him. and then I went back to sleep (If I could). It was a good experience and I'm so happy they let me take care of him.


Kidnapped Kimmy!

yesterday was my darling Kimmy's Birthday! My friends and I decided to go kidnap her before she went running and take her to breakfast! at 6 a.m.... haha kinda early for summer don't ya think? but we didn't mind. We took her to Harly's and her dad Steve made us an amazing breakfast! It was so fun to be with my girls! They're so great. I love them! after the breakfast I went home and fell back asleep for two hours. It felt great! and much needed. here's some pictures from the secret mission :)

Group hug! I love these girls so much! :)


something new.

This past week has been crazy! well for starters.. me and Zach broke up. After a long and amazing six months, we called it quits. We ended it on good terms! Which is great. you don't hear that too often anymore. But the way it was brought up and handled was almost immature. No no it definitely was immature. But I'm not here to gossip or make him look bad! It just made me realize some qualities I LOVED.. and some not so much. Zachary White is an amazing person and I was so blessed that he came into my life when he did. I wish him the best of luck with school, mission, and everything. I have loved and needed his friendship so much. So thanks.. :)

But I'm looking for a fresh new start! I'm not looking to date any boy steady anytime soon.. I just mean, get to know the boys more in my grade! go on lots of dates and just enjoy senior year! I do not have cheerleading anymore. So it will be a weird, new start for me. but I'm EXCITED! I want school to start! I'm ready to take on my last year of high school. I look forward to that day when I'll be in my white gown and graduated! But before then, I will make this theeee BEST and most AMAZING year of high school. and it's my last so why not??

I really do believe this quote.. "When one door of happiness closes, another one opens." or however it goes haha.

"Sometimes on the way to our dreams, we get lost and find a better one."

It's hard now, but everyday gets better. I know it was time, so it makes it a lot easier to handle. It will all work out. Never, never give up hope! That is what keeps me going. I'm so greatful for my Savior! He has helped me so much and continues to everyday. He gives me hope, and I'll hold on to him forever.