The blogger challenge..DAY 1!

Day 1- Introduce yourself with pictures and words.

Well it would take a while to tell you my life story, so I'll put some random key points.
  1. I am a HUGE water drinker. Seriously, you'll never see me without a water bottle.
  2. I LOVE people. Everyone is a gift. Each of us are so special and unique.
  3. My favorite color is blue. It reminds me of the ocean and sky.
  4. I cannot go anywhere without my phone, chapstick, watch, water, and my two rings!
  5. I don't have my ears pierced. Never have, never will.
  6. I'm a people watcher. yep!
  7. I love watching disney movies. They're the best in the world!
  8. I love my family. They are my everything.
  9. I adore my friends so much! Seriously, I love ALL of you.
  10. I'm a perfectionist, optemist, loving dreamer.
  11. I'm a Latter Day Saint. The Gospel is True.


Stressed out?

Take a look at these list of things you can do to ease your stress levels! :)

Ladies' Home Journal offers these quick stress cures:

Talk to someone -- Bottling things up is for brewers. A trusted friend or a trusted trained professional who will listen to what's bothering you without judgment or mockery will help you unload your problems and may also help you solve them.

Laugh -- Read comics, rent a funny movie, go to the circus. A hardy belly laugh decreases stress hormones in the bloodstream, relaxes muscles and, let's face it, feels good all over.

Cry -- Hey, assuming you're not running for president, go ahead and sob. Research shows women cry up to four times more often than men, and when they cry, they cry harder. According to William H. Frey III, Ph.D., author of Crying: The Mystery of Tears, our waterworks may have evolved to remove chemicals, possibly stress hormones prolactin and ACTH, that build up during stress.

Put fun on your "to-do" list -- Write down everything you think you need to do for the next month. Work, errands, chores, everything. Then remove 5% of the items. You'll drop tasks that aren't truly critical and gain valuable free time to spend on something fun for yourself.

Eat more fiber -- Find it in legumes, nuts, vegetables, whole grains and fruit. Fiber keeps your digestive tract happy, less stress on your body and helps absorb toxins and bacteria. It also stabilizes blood sugar levels, ameliorating mood swings.

Eat oatmeal -- Oatmeal helps your body release serotonin stores in your brain, too little of this neurotransmitter may lead to depression. Nutritionist Keri Glassman recommends eating a bowl of oatmeal no later than an hour before going to bed to alleviate stress and help relax.

Ditch toxic people -- Everybody has that person in her life who only makes everything more stressful. You can't always duck him or her entirely, sometimes you're related but you can limit your exposure. And when you do have to be together, set a specific time period and include others so that you don't have to handle this person yourself.

Play with your pet -- It's virtually impossible to stay stressed when you're tickling your dog's belly. Or dangling string in front of your cat or bird, for that matter. Unless it just poked a hole in your sofa cushion, of course.

Eat almonds -- It's possible, just possible, that almonds are a perfect food. They're loaded with immune-boosting zinc and heart healthy vitamin E. And they help stress because you really have to chew almonds in a "get the aggression out" sort of way.

Breathe deep -- When under stress we tend to take quick, shallow breaths. Deep breathing slows the stress response by getting more energizing oxygen to your body. Take 10 to 15 minute "breathing breaks" throughout the day, suggests Frank Lipman, M.D., an integrative physician in New York City who combines Western and alternative therapies. Find a quiet space and be conscious of your breath going in and out. Think about your belly rising and falling with each breath. Relax.

Fantasize about something wonderful -- Whatever happy place you choose is fine. Take a visual vacation. Closing your eyes quiets the brain by eliminating the myriad visual stimuli that tax your body.

Stretch -- We hold tension in the soft tissues of our body's muscles. When soft tissue gets tight, it squeezes nerves and blood vessels, creating poor circulation and pain. Spending a day trapped behind the wheel or a desk makes things worse, humans were built to move, not sit. Fifteen minutes of gentle stretching at the end of a day can be enough to restore flexibility and mobility.

Sleep -- Getting shut eye provides time for biochemical housekeeping, replenishing energy stores, reducing the level of stress hormones.

Fill the tub -- Can't remember the last time you reclined in your bath? Before the shower was invented, the Romans and Turks had the right idea. Being immersed in warm water encourages, nearly forces, your muscles to relax.

Play a board game -- Unwinding and stress relief were the top reasons people play "casual" games such as cards and board games, according to a 2006 Harris Interactive poll. Playing is also a relaxing way to connect with family and friends.

Practice yoga -- Other hand the release of stress hormones that comes with any exercise, yoga is a way to quiet the head. We all suffer from "monkey mind" jumping from thought to thought all day long, says Dr. Lipman. Yoga forces the mind to start focusing on breathing, moving and staying still.

Turn off your PDA -- Power down at least once hour twice a day to give yourself and your family a break. When it's on, make sure the new e-mail notice is not set to vibrate or beep every time you get a message.

Treat yourself -- Whether you enjoy spoiling yourself with a haircut, a cup of coffee and your favorite magazine or sneaking in a midday movie, doing something that's pure pleasure for you is a great way to decompress and de-stress.

Wet your wrists -- Place them under cold running water for 60 seconds while breathing deeply. Your wrists have a large number of small blood vessels and the cold water helps cool and calm you, according to Julie Rosenzwig, Ph.D., a psychotherapist in Lake Oswego, Oregon, who specializes in stress cures.

Take the chocolate cure -- Dark chocolate is a potent antioxidant and may increase your serotonin levels, as well as lower blood pressure and bad LDL cholesterol. Milk chocolate is not as powerful as the dark type.

Turn off the TV for a whole week -- Watching TV can add stress to our already over stimulated brains. And it doesn't help that so much of the news that's on the tube is scary.

Crank up the music -- It doesn't matter what type of music you choose, clear the floor, turn up the volume and let it rip. Losing yourself in music and, better yet, dancing to it is a great full body stress reliever.


Chocolate Days and Working Days.

Chocolate? Chocolate! I want more CHOCOLATE!
Hahah oh man, I believe I can officially call myself a chocoholic.
Yesterday I was on a baking ROLL.
I tried this fantastic new cupcake recipe.
Now normally I don't fancy cupcakes too well..
But these ones had a orange cream filling! I had to try it out.
Well my sweet Sara and I went a working and wal-ah!
They were so delicious! who knew?
So yesterday I had one of those, today I had 2 of those..
And for a late night dessert, I made a choco-banana shake!
Oh goodness. haha I need to tone it down.
It's just something about it.. maybe the caffine.
Anywho, moral of this.. I love chocolate!

I've made a goal! Want to hear it??
I want to play with friends more!
Especially since graduation's coming up.
But really, I RARELY do things on weekends.
Usually I work but if i'm not working, I sit at home and watch movies with my Mom!
Which is great! and I do love it. But I need to get out some.
I am blessed to know such amazing people!
I want to spend the time I have to get to know them better and make lasting memories! :)

Oh! And next time my boss asks me to work a Saturday night, I'm going to say no!
Even if he wants to watch the BYU game and all..
I deserve some weekend nights off.. don't ya think?
Okay I'll stop being bitter. This usually helps..
I'm grateful I have a job. I'm grateful I have a job.
This job puts gas in my car. This job gives me money, which I desperately need!
I'm grateful I have a job.

Now off to bed! I really should be getting to bed before midnight..
Hope your weekends were swell! :)


Facebook's a time waster.

Well my title says it all you see..
I always find myself on facebook for minutes which leads to hours.
It's so great to stay in contact with everyone!
But i can't stand all the time that I'm kissing goodbye.
But seriously.. should I delete??
I can't decide.
Maybe I should just Blog..


I'm so grateful.

My 18th Birthday was the best thing that's happend to me.
Seriously, it was so much fun! Everything about it was just... great.
I'm so grateful to my family! It was so good going to dinner and a movie with them.
I'm grateful to my 3 teachers that sung to me, even Mr. Shelton! who knew?
Haha it seriously made my day..

I'm SO GRATEFUL for my friends. Oh they're so wonderful.
They made it even more the special.
Thank you Mckann for that amazing quote-present! I'm so HAPPY!
Seriously girlfriend, that was the strawberries on my ice cream.
(I would put cherry, but strawberries are so much better!)
Thank you to Rachel, Ray, Sara, Sicily, Harly, and Savannah.
My birthday dinner with you gals was so much fun!
Thank you for the back-pack and water bottle!
I couldn't have asked for anything better.
I love you so much! and this one goes out to my BFF..
Ray, THANK YOU for making this my bestest best Birthday in my whole years of birthdays.
You made it so special! Everything and I mean EVERYTHING went perfect!
Thank you for being so caring and wonderful.
I love YOU Rachel Lea!

Everything was bliss. Thank you all.

Yesterday we were told in Sacrament that our Bishop was to be released.
Tears filled my eyes as I heard the testimonies of the 1st and 2nd councelors.
I moved into this ward when I was 12, shortly after Bishop Perry was called.
Six years later, and how I've been blessed to know this wonderful man.
He is so caring. He always checked up on me, and was always interested in my life.
We had some incredible deep discussions. He has helped me so much!
I'm so grateful to him, and his councelors.
Good luck to the new guy in charge!
You've got big shoes to fill.. but I know you'll be great!


Goodbye childhood, welcome ADULTHOOD!

Well you see.. Tomorrow's my Birthday!
Wahooooo! The big one-eight. 18. EIGHTEEN.
Woah. Growing up is a weird one.
I'm kissing 17 goodbye! see ya later gator.
You've been good.. but this coming year will be better!
As Spongebob would say, "I'M READY, I'm ready!"
I'm so happy! :)
The 18th YEAR... BRING IT!