I'm so grateful.

My 18th Birthday was the best thing that's happend to me.
Seriously, it was so much fun! Everything about it was just... great.
I'm so grateful to my family! It was so good going to dinner and a movie with them.
I'm grateful to my 3 teachers that sung to me, even Mr. Shelton! who knew?
Haha it seriously made my day..

I'm SO GRATEFUL for my friends. Oh they're so wonderful.
They made it even more the special.
Thank you Mckann for that amazing quote-present! I'm so HAPPY!
Seriously girlfriend, that was the strawberries on my ice cream.
(I would put cherry, but strawberries are so much better!)
Thank you to Rachel, Ray, Sara, Sicily, Harly, and Savannah.
My birthday dinner with you gals was so much fun!
Thank you for the back-pack and water bottle!
I couldn't have asked for anything better.
I love you so much! and this one goes out to my BFF..
Ray, THANK YOU for making this my bestest best Birthday in my whole years of birthdays.
You made it so special! Everything and I mean EVERYTHING went perfect!
Thank you for being so caring and wonderful.
I love YOU Rachel Lea!

Everything was bliss. Thank you all.

Yesterday we were told in Sacrament that our Bishop was to be released.
Tears filled my eyes as I heard the testimonies of the 1st and 2nd councelors.
I moved into this ward when I was 12, shortly after Bishop Perry was called.
Six years later, and how I've been blessed to know this wonderful man.
He is so caring. He always checked up on me, and was always interested in my life.
We had some incredible deep discussions. He has helped me so much!
I'm so grateful to him, and his councelors.
Good luck to the new guy in charge!
You've got big shoes to fill.. but I know you'll be great!

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