Chocolate Days and Working Days.

Chocolate? Chocolate! I want more CHOCOLATE!
Hahah oh man, I believe I can officially call myself a chocoholic.
Yesterday I was on a baking ROLL.
I tried this fantastic new cupcake recipe.
Now normally I don't fancy cupcakes too well..
But these ones had a orange cream filling! I had to try it out.
Well my sweet Sara and I went a working and wal-ah!
They were so delicious! who knew?
So yesterday I had one of those, today I had 2 of those..
And for a late night dessert, I made a choco-banana shake!
Oh goodness. haha I need to tone it down.
It's just something about it.. maybe the caffine.
Anywho, moral of this.. I love chocolate!

I've made a goal! Want to hear it??
I want to play with friends more!
Especially since graduation's coming up.
But really, I RARELY do things on weekends.
Usually I work but if i'm not working, I sit at home and watch movies with my Mom!
Which is great! and I do love it. But I need to get out some.
I am blessed to know such amazing people!
I want to spend the time I have to get to know them better and make lasting memories! :)

Oh! And next time my boss asks me to work a Saturday night, I'm going to say no!
Even if he wants to watch the BYU game and all..
I deserve some weekend nights off.. don't ya think?
Okay I'll stop being bitter. This usually helps..
I'm grateful I have a job. I'm grateful I have a job.
This job puts gas in my car. This job gives me money, which I desperately need!
I'm grateful I have a job.

Now off to bed! I really should be getting to bed before midnight..
Hope your weekends were swell! :)

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  1. jemime. im so glad i just discovered your blog.