"The sun hurts my feelings."

Did I tell you that I Intern for the Special Education
program at Edgemont Elementary? well I love it. so much.
The other day Danielle (one of the wonderful aids) told me a great story.
Bryce (first grader, super cutie, has autism AND diabetes) loves the snow!
The day after the first snow..
The sun was shining very brightly and this is what he said..
"Miss Rassmussen! The sun is out!"
"Yeah... it is." (she's just a little confused).
"It's going to melt all the snow!!" Bryce starts BAWLING!
He was so sad, but later I couldn't help but laugh.
He's so cute. He inspires me daily.

Me & Bryce!


Don't run faster than you are able!

I'm a blogger. what can I say?
Time. that word alone scares me.. a little.
or a lot.
It's already November!
College apps almost done.. crazy.
Time flies. faster and faster everyday.
I feel like I'm looking forward to so many things!
Christmas! Tour! Birthday! and then before I know it.. Graduation.
I'm just going to take life by the day. no more "Soon!"
I will focus on today and make it the greatest!
Tomorrow is forever away. (or let's pretend..)

Left my boss a note! It worked!
yess! starting next week, I officially only work 2 days/week.
more time to actually DO my homework and by Heaven's means..
My body doesn't love that I am always on the go.
It finally took my back giving out and me passing out for this decision to be made.
I am slowing down. SLOWING way down.
Thank goodness :)