Don't run faster than you are able!

I'm a blogger. what can I say?
Time. that word alone scares me.. a little.
or a lot.
It's already November!
College apps almost done.. crazy.
Time flies. faster and faster everyday.
I feel like I'm looking forward to so many things!
Christmas! Tour! Birthday! and then before I know it.. Graduation.
I'm just going to take life by the day. no more "Soon!"
I will focus on today and make it the greatest!
Tomorrow is forever away. (or let's pretend..)

Left my boss a note! It worked!
yess! starting next week, I officially only work 2 days/week.
more time to actually DO my homework and by Heaven's means..
My body doesn't love that I am always on the go.
It finally took my back giving out and me passing out for this decision to be made.
I am slowing down. SLOWING way down.
Thank goodness :)

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