New Years Resolutions.. yeah baby!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had an amazing 2011 like I did.
Seriously.. BEST.YEAR.YET. So much has happened in a year it's crazy!
For all of you who make New Years Resolutions every year, I am not with you.
I have actually never done it before. So this is a year of firsts I guess!
Here are mine....

1. Pray everyday. (especially morning AND night)
2. Read some kind of church doctrine everyday. (scriptures, gen. conference talks, gospel books)
3. Visit teach every month.
4. Meet two new friends a month.
5. Exercise twice a week. (At least!)
6. Stay at healthy weight.
7. Call Rachel once-a-week. (love you Ray bay!)
8. Call Sara once-a-week (love you baby girl!)
9. Say I love you three times a day.
10. Say please & thank you :)
11. Get good grades! (A, A-,B+)
12. Write in Journal everyday.
13. Blog once-a-week.

Pretty good huh? I'm happy. I'm excited for the new year and what's to come!
So much more to experience, learn and grow! 2012....
Bring it.

1 comment:

  1. JEMI!!!!!!!!!!! I love your blog! SO cute!!!

    Good job with your new years resolutions! LOve you :)