Happy 18th Bryn dear!

Brynmor Patricia Larsen. B.La. Bryn Larsen. Bryn Lars.
my home girl! g-friend. BFF. Cafe rio twin lovers, etc, etc.
HAPPY 18TH MY DEAR! goodness. that's kinda old ;)
here are just a few things I love about her..
1. She is funny! She's so great at making me laugh. She always finds a way to put a smile on my face!
2. She is PRO at abriviating words. Second to Aus Brocks himself. She always finds a new word to fix.
3. She has great leadership qualities and handles stress (I would say..) very well.
4. She sings lovely! I love her voice.
5. She is a great friend! She loves to be with others and loves to party on.
6. She's caring and sweet and great at making cookies :)
7. She's such a BEAUTY! seriously, gorgeous girl right here.
8. She's a fashion-ista! (If i may say that..) she has the greatest style and can make any outfit look good.
9. She's strong. (Getting surgery and performing in a concert the same day is strength I say!) But really she's so great.
10. and... I just love her!

Happy Birthday Bryn! Thank you for being my amazing and genuine friend :)

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