Moving is stressful.

Time is slipping away by the minute.. can you feel it?
I'm moving to Logan in 17 days! Can you believe it?

I know it's crazy. In a way I wish there was more time, there's just so much more I need to do, need to see, people to hang out with before I peace out. But it's time. I am ready. Well ready or not, here I come! I'm almost done getting all my dorm stuff. It stresses me out. Did you know Moving is highest in stress only next to death and divorce? It's true. Some moments I want August 20th to come so badly. I'm just excited for new things to come! I think it's good I'm getting out of Provo/Orem. I'm ready to see a different place and new experiences.

Oh p.s. I've got a job interview tomorrow via skype! It's for an office assistant job in the Special Ed. department at the University. Cross your fingers! Any prayers are welcome as well :)

I'm officially done at Farr's Fresh. It has never felt so good! I'm so glad my mom told me not to work up to the day I leave. Even though it's only been a few days, I've been so busy and have had so much to do. It's definitely a blessing in disguise. Mothers know best after all.

Last Friday we took our CNA tests! It went pretty well.. cross your fingers again! We'll find out the results next week. Have a good night! :)

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