The Final Chapter.

Wellllll, of my first book of course. I graduate in 2 DAYS!
WHAAAA? So crazy I know. But good.
I guess you can say May is a month of tears.
Last Concert. Bawled.
Senior Night with the ward. definite tears.
Senior Graduation Talk in church. How could they not come?
Talking to Mr. Larson. Automatic tears. They..just..came.
Well now it sounds like I'm a big cry baby! Hah I totally am.
But even though these are hard things.. I will be okay.

I'm not one to say I'm going to miss High School, cause I probably won't.
What I will miss is my dear friends and singing in choir.
High School was pretty rough for me, but I'm grateful for my experiences.
I'm excited to see what comes next! I'm excited for the next book!
I love you all. Thanks for the fun times, great memories, and unforgettable laughs.

Pictures up soon! :)

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