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Hello dear friends! I'm sorry it's taken me some time to blog.
I owe you all a big hoppin apology. So to make up for my lack thereof...
Get ready for a novel.

First of all so many new things have happend since my last post!
On Thursday (two days away) will be the three week mark till Graduation..
Call it crazy. Which of course it is! Time sure flies.. it's unbelieveable.
But although it's weird and crazy, it's so exciting!
Everyday at Timpview, I realize I won't see the same teachers or classrooms ever again.
(Okay I may come visit Mr. Larson but its basically truth)
Which brings me to another subject! Mr. Larson. Oh how I'll miss Choir.
Our last concert is next week and it really does make me very sad.
He is such an amazing teacher, conductor, and friend.
I'm so grateful to him, (for many reasons..)
but especially for allowing me into Madrigals and A Cappella.
It was the only things keeping me at Timpview High.
It kept me from Senioritis! So amongst many thank you's, I'm especially grateful for that.

Work is busy as ever.
Crazy. Good. Great. Tiring. Stressful.
You try working past 11pm three nights a week and expect to make it
To your 7:30am Chemistry class. It's harder than it sounds.
But let's not dwell on the negative here. I'm grateful I have a job!
But even more than that.. I'm so grateful for my Co-Workers!
I honestly couldn't survive the nights without them.
They're so much fun! Thank you! :)

For the first 2 weeks of June, my sister and I are taking a CNA course!
Class every single night for 6 hours. ROUGH. But it's all good.
I'm so excited to do this with her! Good old bonding.
I'm taking those two weeks off from Farr's to do this.
But I'm SO excited! I really am.
Did you know I want to become a Nurse?
Well this is just the beginning to get a feel for it to see if it's really what I want to do.
(CNA = Certified Nursing Assistant)

Roller Blading. SO. MUCH. FUN.
I just love it. simply just that.
It's so relaxing. It may just be my new favorite thing.
If you want to join me, please give me a call! :)

I'm having some weird pains in between my tummy button and hip bone.
I asked my Mamma (She's the smart Nurse here) and told me that's where my appendix lies.
Uh ohhhhh. Please no! I can't afford appendicitis so close to graduation!
Please oh please. Stay healthy body of mine! Pray for me.

Here's a picture because I believe every post is a little boring without one! Me and Kaipo at the Festival of Colors. It was prett crazy lemme tell ya. LOVE you ALL. Sleep well folks.

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