Sunshine and Bike Rides.

Day 8-- A moment.

Well there's lots of moments each day and everyday of our lives.
Today has been one of those good days. A good week more like!
This week was spring break and just what I needed lemme tell ya.
In the midst of stress, I'm so relaxed.
Instead of starting my homework (which I've been putting off all week..)
I went on a bike ride in the BEAUTiful weather!
Now I didn't regret this decision one bit.
I made a short stop on my journey to feed the ducks some Zuchini bread.
(I've been eating it ALL week so I was okay giving the rest away)
They are so darling! I loved breaking off pieces and giving it to them.
Well continuing my bike ride, wind whipping my hair back, the warm sun highlighting my face,
I couldn't be happier!
I thanked my Father in Heaven for the beautiful trees, flowers, mountains, and sunshine.
Our Earth is so beautiful!
It's been a good week folks.

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