Mother and Pizza.

I'm doing day 3 & 4 together!
My sweet mother. I honestly could go on forever about her.
She is an angel. I wish someday to be like her.
She is so caring, she always puts everyone before herself.
She is a great listener. I can tell her anything and she knows just exactly what to say.
She is honest with me, I know she'll never lie.
She is the hardest worker I know.
She is always in tune with the spirit.
She has a strong testimony.
I love her so much! Thank you mom for everything you've done for me!
I can easily call you my best friend.

Day 4- Something I always crave.. well that's not a hard one!
I usually crave pizza. Not the gross five dollars a box ones.
I LOVE Cafe Paesan Apple Pork Pizza. Sooo good!
Another item..Chocolate. Call me a chocoholic if you will.
Tomatoes with cheese! Sounds wierd, but its delish!
I eat them everyday in the summer!
I usually crave Cafe Rio. What's not to love!
I love food. I probably have a faster metabolism than anyone.
Seriously I eat every 1-2 hours.
I'm grateful for fruits and veggies!

Last note for the evening..
God works in mysterious ways.
He will answer your prayers.
He really cares for each of us.
Help WILL come. Just ask for it.
Everything will work out, I promise! :)

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