Day 6!

Can I tell you a secret?
I absolutely LOVE curly hair. I wish so much that I had it. I think it's so beautiful. My hair is mainly straight, except for some random 'creepy' waves. My mom tells me not to call them that. She says they add personality. My hair is thick and long, so unfortunately it takes me an hour an a half to curl it. But hey! I'm going to be grateful for what I've got. But if anyone of you curly haired cuties want to switch for a week, I'll be okay with that! ;)

Shopping is not a strong point for me. I like the idea of having something cute and new to wear, but the finding it part is so hard for me! I'm never satisfied enough. I won't get something, unless I absolutely love it. Also, I think to myself.. These shoes are worth about 5 hours of work.. Are they worth it?? Someone, ANYONE, take me shopping. I can't make up my mind on my own.

My closest cousin is 19 (she'll be twenty next week!) Her name's Linnea and she's just so grand. She came over and we got to chat for a little which brings me to Day 6 on the blogging challenge! Where will I be in a year from today? Well lemme tell ya! I will be at my second semester studying for finals up at USU. Being with some great people! Counting down the days till I'll see my family again.. (I'm a mamma's girl). I'll be 19, last year as a teenager. And NOT MARRIED. (that is a side note for all of you who've called that I'll be married before 20). I am sooo EXCITED! I really am. Talking to my sweet cousin, was just what I needed. Now don't get me wrong.. I won't really miss High School, but I'll miss the greatest angels that I am blessed to call my friends. I adore so many of you, and will miss your sweet smiling faces. Lunch dates whenever I'm home ya hear?? The end is coming.. can you feel it?

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