Senior Ball! (sorry I'm a little late)

Senior Ball was so much fun!
My date (Cameron Kapp) was such a gentleman.
I honestly couldn't have asked for a better date.
He ALWAYS opened my door, and escorted me wherever we walked.
Even when we were both so tired at the end of the night, it was a blast!
Here is a little run through of our day!
He picked me up around 8:45AM.
For our day date we had an amazing race.
I've never done that before so I was thrilled!
After running through a graveyard, jumping into a swimming pool, throwing a football back and forth in the bowl, mummy-fying Eve, bowling 2 strikes, (which both me and Cameron made! go us!)  Almost dying in a car crash (It's okay, I'm still alive), we came in 5th place. But don't worry, we were PUMPED because we weren't last! So much adrenaline. I hadn't ran so much in a long time, Cameron had to give me a few piggy-back rides. (Again, what a sweetie).

After hours of preparation (Nails, hair, make-up, pick up bootineer, etc..) He picked me up around 5. We went to the Covey grandparents for pictures and off to Sleepy Ridge! Dinner was so goood. I'm not entirely so sure it was THAT good, of if I was just very hungry. But either way I loved it! After dinner, we decided to go for a walk. Me in 4 inch heels are thinking we were just going for a short walk.. well I was mistaken! We walked around the WHOLE Sleepy Ridge. Poor decision on my part. I received blisters on both my feet, and couldn't really walk the rest of the night. (Don't ask how I danced...) We danced the night away, and I even twirled in my dress!

Afterwards we went to the Covey's and had a bonfire, food, and movie! It was so fun to hang out with everyone (Mind, we did have 44 people in my group). We decided to leave before the movie because we were both so exhausted. (Yes, I fell asleep..surprised?) He took me home, walked me to my door, and exchanged our thank yous and said goodnight.
Thank you Cam! And thank you Jessica Owen for letting me borrow the most BEAUTIFUL dress.

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