Cleaning can be exhausting.

Today, I cleaned my room. No, its not what you're thinking.. the ordinary daily/weekly touch ups of picking up clothes or sorting a few things.. I cleaned my ENTIRE room! I washed my sheets, vacuumed, and everything! I honestly had been putting it off for ages and even days after graduation. But it felt so good when I finished! I even have pictures to show for it.

Well as for work tonight, I was going through the steps of closing and was fully ready to count the till at 10:31pm (We close at 10:30, or so I thought). My boss calls me right away and informs me that we've been closing at 11 every night since May 7th. WHAAA? He never told me that. I heard that rumor, but I refused to believe it because the other supervisors always closed at 10:30 too! Gahhh. Good thing I don't have school in the morning or I would be more bitter than I am.

I just got Adelle's new CD. Sooo amazing! I love her voice.

Oh and Happy Birthday AMES! love you sweet girl. I thought these pictures were cutee.

Happy 18th Girl! 
(Don't mind my rained on pants)


  1. oh cute Jem!! all except the one of me laughing.. kinda rough but i'll embrace it. haha love you!

  2. OK ok. Your room is SO CLEAN. Teach me your ways.