A day of firsts!

Yesterday, was my *First* day in Relief Society.
And not in my home ward with my mamma, but in the Single's Ward.
Weird? You betcha. Super different? Yes ma'am/sir.
It will be good, I'm excited! But I will miss my home ward.
(I'm invited to go to my home ward, but as soon as I'm there they politely tell me to leave and go to the singles ward). Great. So goodbye Young Womens! It's been real. Thank you to ALL my leaders. You each are so amazing. I'll never forget your sweet spirits and testimonies.

Sooo Tonight I'm starting my CNA course! Have I told you about this? Basically for the next 2-3 weeks my nights are booked with class and clinicals. I'm excited! I'm nervous. I'm content. My lovely sister is doing it with me, thank heavens! For the past 2-3 years of driving experience I've been blessed to drive an automatic truck. Well my truck is going bye bye and we got a more inexpensive car for my seester. And guess what? Its stick shift. Do I know how to drive a stick shift? nope. But fear not! I am learning.. by my sister? Yes my 16 year-old-sister is teaching me how to drive stick shift. She's so rad. But anywho point of this car talk is that I need to learn so she doesn't have to drive to and fro every night for many nights ahead to class. Be patient with me young grasshopper, I'll get it soon enough. :)

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  1. Jemimah, I will totally help you learn if you want. I LOVE stick shift. :)