You've been on my mind

This week I survived 5 days of work! I worked 5 out of 6 days we are open. (well technically it was 4.5 shifts, not 5, but I was working for 5 days so I for sure counted it). Forgive me if I seem to be complaining. It's not that I don't like work, I just feel like I work so much. Goodbye summer? June's already gone! crazy. Maybe I've just been there too long and need something new to see? I've only got about 5 weeks left, I'll  hang in there :) and besides, my co-workers are so great! I would not be able to endure those long days and nights without them. So to you I say THANK YOU! :)

I secretly wish there was more time. I feel that every thing is slipping out of my grip too fast. I move out in 7 weeks. SEVEN WEEKS. That's crazy folks. There's so much I need to do! There's so many things I want to do before I leave. Summer, please don't go so fast. I love you and want to enjoy you!

On a better note...4 days till CALIFORNIA! Oh heavens I can't wait. It will be so nice to get away. I've been dying for a vacation. Beach here we come! I can't wait to live in my swim suit for 4 days straight. yeahhh!

My dear friend Emily is teaching me how to budget! I'm so excited! I hope I can get it down good and be good at budgeting. Because let's be honest...Where does that money go?

Do you love Sundays as much as I do? They're so amazing. The Gospel is true! I'm loving my new ward. The Bishop is pretty great and so are the youth. "Fear God more than man." and, "Change is possible to anyone if you do it with Faith." Heavenly Father answer our prayers! He cares so much for us, it's incredible. Don't give up! He's always there for us. I'm so grateful for my Savior. What a perfect example. Thank YOU.

Happy 4th of July errrybody!

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