College News.

The end is so near.
I didn't quite realize it till our last home senior basketball game.
How do you describe what I'm feeling?
You don't know it until you're there.

I am excited. I am! I am!
But.. It's so bittersweet.

Well... drum-roll please!
I'm going to UTAH STATE! :)
yes you read that right! USU. Utah State. Aggies.
It was not my first choice, but it's the right choice.
I know I'm supposed to be there. I just know it!
That makes me all the more excited! wahooo!
Hope I get some sweet roomies :) 
Weird.. moving out. Hope my mom will be okay..
Love you Mamma! I'll miss you! (Just come get me a lot so I can come home!)

Next step.. Graduation. The end of the beginning.
The end of the first book.
The final chapter.
Bring it!


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