I. AM. sooo. SORRY! I guess I just suck at this blogging thing.
I hate to say this.. I just haven't had time, for anything really.

So what do you do when life just simply.. stinks?
Everything seems to be going wrong in your world..
"You are not strong enough"
Well I'm here to tell you, that you ARE strong enough.
You CAN do hard things. you really can.
Hold on if you feel like letting go.
Hold on it gets BETTER than you know.

My better answer: when life stinks, go to the temple!
Serve others! You'll feel better, I promise.

Want to hear a sweet quote? I've never heard one like it..
"Smooth seas do not make skillfull sailors."
My very best friend Rachel Garlitz gave me that one. I cannot take the credit whatsoever.
I want to make it on a poster and hang it in my room (soon to be dorm) soon.
Oh Rachel, what would I do without her? She's the best friend any person could ask for.
She's such an angel. She's so understanding and a great listener.
She will tell you what's up and tell you to read your scriptures.
I'm so grateful for my Rayy :)

I need some help.
How is it possible to forgive someone who has hurt you so terribly?
But they haven't just hurt you.. They're still hurting you.
Haunting your very dreams. Making you feel like a nobody.
Spreading lies. Speaking evil about you.
I don't want to hold on to this one.
I want this weight off my shoulders more than anything.
Please, let this continuing pain leave me.
I cannot bear it anymore.
I know i'll probably NEVER get an apology.. but please help me to let go.
Please oh please.

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